Driveways: The Pathway to Your Home

For over 60 years, our family business, Heap Paving & Sealing Incorporated, has led the South Shore in delivering exceptional driveway services. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and community has made us the top choice for driveway paving and sealing. Our motto says it all: "We don't cut corners. We pave them." We stand out with meticulous attention to detail, owner supervision, and a commitment to excellence. Our customers value our free, no-obligation quotes and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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The Paving & Sealing Process

From consultation to completion, our team ensures a smooth process for paving and sealing your driveway. First, we assess the area, considering factors like the layout, the slope, and your specific needs. Our experts then prepare the ground, grading and compacting the soil to create a solid base. We lay the asphalt, ensuring it's evenly spread, and then compact it for a smooth and sturdy surface. The final step is sealing, offering additional protection to your driveway. This process enhances the visual appeal of your driveways and ensures longevity and durability.
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Private Roads & Stone Driveways

In addition to asphalt paving, we also specialize in creating beautiful stone driveways. Stone driveways offer a unique aesthetic appeal, enhancing the natural beauty of your property while providing a sturdy and functional pathway. Our selection of high-quality stones and meticulous installation ensures your driveway will stand out and endure for years. Whether you're looking for the traditional elegance of a stone driveway or the durability and smoothness of an asphalt road, Heap Paving & Sealing Incorporated has the expertise and materials to meet your needs.

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Ready to enhance the appeal of your home and increase its value with a professionally paved and sealed driveway? Contact Heap Paving & Sealing Incorporated today for your free consultation and estimate. Trust our generational expertise and knowledge to deliver a beautiful, durable driveway in the South Shore and surrounding area. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're excited to help you take the next step in improving your property. Call today and remember that we offer discounts to veterans, firefighters, police officers, and seniors.

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